DIY Colorful Lanterns

Dec 2 2015

by Arielle Goldman

Step 7I’ve been coveting the charming, bright lantern sconces from places like The Well Appointed House and One Kings Lane for a while now, but the price tag just doesn’t work for me. So, since I love an excuse to spray paint, I thought I’d try it out myself. Let’s get to work.

Step 1 1. Buy the cheap lantern of your choice. I chose these exterior lanterns to put indoors because I live life on the edge. Choose your paint color. I picked up the bright, red-orange Kumquat from Amy Howard at Palette Paint, but Rust-oleum is another great brand.

Step 22. Take apart the lantern. Take note of how it’s put together, and don’t lose any of the small pieces.

Step 33. Prime.

Step 44. Paint away!

Step 55. Let everything dry completely (don’t rush this) and then reassemble it all.

Step 66. Put your life (or the life of someone you love) at risk to remove the ugly old sconces and install the new adorable lanterns. (Not pictured: Edward on a ladder at the top of the stairs, changing light fixtures in the dark while Brewster and I watched with apprehension.)

Step 77. Enjoy!

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