Designer Tim Riffle’s Tips for Using Succulents in Home Decor

Aug 28 2017

by Nancy McNulty

From aesthetic beauty to health benefits, weaving succulents into your home décor can be achieved through several helpful tips from Nashville-based plant and floral rock star designer Tim Riffle, Tim Riffle Environments.

Literally, stumbling upon Tim in the garage of the Nashville Symphony Show House, as project publicist, I was SO completely surprised and my first words to him what, what are you doing and who are you?! He’s continued to surprise me through his stunning work recently featured in Milieu magazine’s hometown tour with talented designer Rozanne Jackson, The Iron Gate.

Through his music industry relationships, Tim has found his biggest supporters and clients and enjoys weekly creating fresh flowers for many country music celebrities and music industry executives.


From stunning planters to beautiful floral arrangements, Tim Riffle’s magic was found throughout the Nashville Symphony Show House, built by Castle Homes. (Photo by Geinger Hill, Forest Home Media)


Tim-Riffle-Environments-Nashville-Symphony Show House
A popular spot in the Nashville Symphony Show House built by Castle Homes, Tim complemented the mantle artwork and oversized island with his creative designs. (Photo by Geinger Hill, Forest Home Media)

California Boy, Music City Artist

Originally from California, he headed to Music City to pursue his lifelong dream of singing professionally. (Click here for my favorite!)  Music industry associations soon became clients as Tim kept up with a childhood passion of designing plant and floral arrangements.

“As a young boy who was a bit afraid of what others may think of my hobby, I’m now making a career of creating beautiful plant and floral arrangements for others to enjoy in their own homes and businesses. I’ve turned my passion into a profession and would encourage others to not ignore the creativity which feeds your soul,” Riffle explains.



Tips For Using Succulents

The foundation of his dreamy work is using intriguing varieties of succulents in everything from wedding bouquets and arrangements to pool planters and home décor. Here are Tim’s top five tips for using succulents in home décor.

#1 Cool Container

Find an earthy, statement piece made of wood or stone that reflects personality. Check out Tim’s interview with Nashville’s Talk of the Town for great container suggestions and more.

Tim Riffle with Talk of the Town’s Tuwanda Coleman during a show segment at the Nashville Symphony Show House as part of Forest Home Media’ PR for the Castle Homes sponsored event.

#2 Variety, Texture, Color

Create a lush feeling by using variety, texture and color. With a good mixture, it creates interest for the eye and adds a good dimension to a room’s design.


#3 Simplicity Can Be Dramatic

Sometimes using one simple succulent like the rosette shaped echeveria has gorgeous effect.



#4 Add Succulents To Fresh Floral Arrangement

Cut the succulent, attach to a wooden skewer and weave into a fresh flower arrangement, wedding bouquet or cake! Be sure you tell the recipient the succulent can be replanted or reused for later enjoyment.

Tim Riffle wove succulents into a stunning wedding cake.


#5 Less Is More In Succulent Care

It’s very easy to overwater. Two things you need to know about succulents; they need a lot of direct sunlight and not a lot of water. Only water when the soil is completely dry which is typically every two to three weeks indoor.

Faux Succulent Movement Misses Health Benefits

When asked about the faux succulent movement, Tim is unequivocal in his support of the real thing.

“Nothing can ever substitute for the grounded aesthetic of using a living plant like a succulent. It promotes tranquility, peacefulness and can impact the air you’re breathing,” Riffle explains. “Aloe vera actually promotes a night of peaceful sleep by emitting oxygen.”


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    Beautiful….I do some work using Succulents in Driftwood….absolutely love Tim’s work! He is an amazing artist.

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