Defining your Signature Style

Sep 15 2015

by Emily McCarthy

Emily McCarthy on Signature Style

In a creative industry full of inspiration and trend-guided designs, I most strongly believe in originality. When it comes to your Signature Style, interiors, design and fashion, find your niche and what really makes your heart sing. I challenge you to purposely do what isn’t the trend, what isn’t what everyone else is doing. You’ll find that you feel much more authentic this way. This method can be applied to both your home and business!

Be a trend setter – not a trend follower. Design what you love, not what everyone else is doing. Some of the most successful designers in the industry have made a conscious decision to design against the norm and it proved to be successful. When you aim to design a new collection or product for your business, remember to look for inspiration in your purpose, surroundings and missing – not hopping online to see what everyone else is offering. I highly recommend reading “The Purple Cow” by Seth Godin – a MUST read if you are in the business of developing new products, designs or offering services to your clients. Why reinvent the wheel when you can do something that is innovate and outside the box? This will put you on the map as a business, not just offering the same or mediocre version of pre-existing services/products/designs.

My brand has evolved and so has my style. I feel like I truly know myself now and know exactly what I want out of life, business and personal growth. When I started my own brand and lifestyle shoppe, it was my mission to create my own fonts, designs and products that did not exist in the personalized gift and stationery industry. I wanted to create something truly unique and that could not be duplicated by copycats. I personally felt that the ‘monogrammed gift’ was overly produced by the masses and everything was looking the same. My goal was to create something more unique that customers would treasure as a timeless gift to others and to themselves. I encourage customers to choose a monogram style that speaks to them and their family, apply this on multiple products for their home and essentially create their own “Signature Style” for their life.

When it comes to my branding clients, I encourage them to really find their inner strengths and what makes their style/business unique and different from others. If a potential client comes to me and wants the same logo as another business, I know we have a lot of work to do. No two businesses or designers are alike so why should your logo be the same? I think there is a fine line between ‘being inspired’ and ‘copying’. I make it my mission to never copy, but challenge to be innovative and unique.

It takes time for everyone to get there – you just have to take the steps in finding out WHY you want to be YOU. It has harder than it sounds, but once you can determine the values, fears, strengths and inspiration at your CORE, it is possible to truly discover who you are as a designer or business owner.

Signature style is any representation of yourself – what defines you and what makes you unique.

Like what you like, design how you want to design and you’ll always be authentic.
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