Cute Dog… But That Was Unexpected

Apr 25 2014

by Anna Ferguson Hall

It happens on a regular basis, that in my line of work, I find myself in new, unique and often-moving moments. Especially during the past six months, in my new role as the editor of a small town newspaper.

In this coastal community, where rumors are stirred often and where shocking news is not as rare as I would have expected, I tend to have at least one or two obscure experiences a week. There was that instant a few weeks ago, where I ended up in a jail cell, along side an accused criminal, as he was charged with his supposed crime.

And then that time earlier this week, when a specific community board meeting was packed with residents in a rage about a recent board decisions. Then there was the experience earlier this month, when I sat down one-on-one with two area cancer survivors and picked their brain about facing death and then finding the strength to overcome adversity.

All that happened with the past few weeks, and just the tip of the story iceberg. But today, when I least expected it, fate hit. Well, fate sprayed, more or less. This, what happened, it was so shocking, so unpredictable, so weird, that it has to be added to the Trials of a Journalist notebook.

I was peed on.

Yes, you read that correctly, I was peed on, by Victor. Just who is Mr. Victor? Well, he’s a very lovely pit bull, who is currently up for adoption at the local animal shelter. This burly brown beast is as sweet as they come. A real gentle giant. Who is obviously well-hydrated.

I was working on an article about Victor’s rise from an emaciated, neglected canine, who was found in December, tied up with a choke collar embedded in his neck. Victor has been tied too tightly to reach any food or water source, and he was in a bad, bad state.

(Don’t worry. The owner of the pup was charged with animal cruelty, forced to pay a $700 fine and is now in 12 months probation.)

Now, five months after his rescue, Victor has gained 20 pounds and is on his way to a healthy new life. Which is all great. But back to the peeing. There I was, staning in the spring sunlight waiting for Victor’s handler to position him in a photographable manner. I snapped a few shots. Then a few more, and as I bent down to get one more close-up, he let loose. Full stream ahead. A river of doggy mess shooting from him, and onto me.

Of course, this was the one day all week I didn’t wear boots. I was in open-ted, suede sandals, wearing a short dress with no protection from such unexpected elements.

Laughing off the incident, I ran embarrassed (I’m not sure why I was the embarrassed one, but there you have it), to the car and sped away, getting to a clean-up sight ASAP. Then I started thinking, how do you clean pee from suede sandals? Can you even do that?

Well, yes, yes you can. And if you ever find yourself in a pee-filled pup situation, take these tips from expert cleaning website,

What you need to get urine out of suede:

Dry cloths

White vinegar

Baking soda


Pat dry all moisture from the suede. If you get after the urine while it is fresh, grab a dry cloth and pat dry the wet spot from the suede. Use some pressure to get as much moisture out of the suede as possible. Do this until the suede is dry and most of the urine is absorbed by the cloth. Put some white vinegar on the urine spot.

Pour some white vinegar on a dry cloth and blot the urine spot. The vinegar works as a natural enzyme that will get rid of bacteria and odor lingering in the suede. You only need a small amount of vinegar so you don’t cause any damage or discoloration to the suede material. Get a damp cloth.

After you have blotted out the urine from the suede, you need to get the vinegar out of the suede. Get a damp cloth and blot the area of suede that the vinegar was applied to. If you leave the vinegar on the fabric for too long it may cause a stain that you cannot remove. The urine will be gone, but you will have a light spot on the suede.

Dry the spot where the urine was. Using a dry cloth, pat dry the wet suede until it is dry. Leaving suede wet will cause damage to the material. Make sure it is completely dry.

Another method to getting urine out of suede is baking soda. After you do step one, sprinkle some baking soda over the urine spot and add a few drops of water to make a thick paste. The baking soda will get rid of bacteria, thus removing the urine smell from the suede. Let the baking soda dry and vacuum it off the suede. Repeat step three and four.

Or… Get a professional. If your suede is a garment, a dry cleaner can successfully get the urine out of it. If it is your suede furniture that has urine on it, call a carpet and upholstery cleaner to fix the problem. A professional cleaner is highly certified to get the urine out of your suede without causing any damage to the fabric.


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