Custom Wallpaper on a Whim with Spoonflower

Feb 25 2014

by Holly Phillips

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 9.00.07 PM

Design for the masses at it’s best. I introduced you to this concept earlier this year on my blog with my daughter, Gigi’s, artwork turned into wallpaper. Well, here it is again.

You creative southerners here at The Southern C need to start making your own fabrics, wallpapers, decals and wrapping paper too with the wonderful Durham, NC based Spoonflower.

I uploaded the artwork below with an iPhone image and created the above wallpaper preview.

Is that not the coolest?



Love design? Try your hand at creating!

Upload your designs and print custom fabric, wallpaper, decals and gift wrap.

Registration is free, fast and easy!

All your designs are private unless you make them public.

We never sell, print, or share your designs without your permission.

There is no minimum order or set-up fee required. Order a test swatch of your design on any of our materials for just $5.
Get an instant preview of your design in several different repeats.
Choose from a selection of high-quality synthetic and natural fiber fabrics including organic cotton and silk, PVC-free wallpaper and matte or satin gift wrap.
We’re based in Durham, North Carolina, but we ship all over the world.

Welcome to Spoonflower and happy designing!

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