Cuisine: Seeking Southern Food in Denver

Aug 20 2013

by Natalie Broulette

Few people can argue with the appeal of a warm, flaky biscuit, but I was still pleasantly surprised to find such classic southern comfort food in the Mile-High City. Denver Biscuit Co. owners, Drew and Ashleigh Shader, have perfected southern-style biscuits, quite a feat when you consider the challenge of high altitude-baking. I had the pleasure of tasting their delicious creations while visiting Denver last month.

The menu is filled with hearty biscuit sandwiches, which house buttermilk fried chicken, housemade sausage, pulled pork and fried catfish among other things. You can make the biscuit the star with just a little apple butter or rhubarb jam on the side. And then there’s the biscuit cinnamon roll, a divine combination that any southerner with a sweet tooth will wish they’d thought up first.

I’d definitely recommend stopping in should you find yourself in Denver and are looking for a little taste of the South out West.


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