Compilation – Friday Favorites

Mar 21 2014

by Whitney Long

Every day, I run across so many things online that catch my eye. Some make me laugh, some make me cry, some restore my faith in humanity while others leave me scratching my head. Whatever the case, these are all too good to keep to myself. Here are a few that caught my attention this week and wanted to share. Find a few minutes today or this weekend to click and watch or read. I know how busy we all are so I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Enjoy and TGIF!!

Come on, I challenge you to try this. For the sake of full disclosure, I have not been brave enough… yet! I do plan to do it and hope that I will surprise myself!

This just tickles my funny bone each time I watch it! My kids love it, too, and in less than one minute, it speaks volumes about being there for your kids.

So funny and a good one for us kids of the 70’s. Thinking birthday parties now should have an “old school” theme just like this. So easy!

I’m “Gaga for Green” over on The Southern C – “The South’s Must-Visit Virtual Front Porch”. Spring has sprung and I’m getting my green on…

Great tips, as always, from Real Simple. Now to actually implement some of these into my life…

Bucket list alert! Wow, as I look at these images, Louis Armstrong’s “Wonderful World” is on my replay in my mind.

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Whitney Long is co-founder of The Southern C and a Southern Living Contributing Editor.


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Whitney Long is co-founder of The Southern C and The Southern C Summit. Mama x 4, wife x 1. Entrepreneur, thinker, doer, writer, researcher, believer. Enjoys working alongside creative entrepreneurs to build community while supporting established and upcoming brands. Hobbies include travel, reading, bike rides and clever craft cocktails.

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