COMPILATION: Creative Work Spaces + Ten Easy Tips

Sep 2 2015

by Whitney Long

No typical workspace for these #tscsummit alums! The challenge of creating a home office or work space that looks good and feels good is a design challenge in itself. Lucky for us, we get to take a peek into the offices of these creative entrepreneurs. What’s fun to see (inspiring, too) is how fellow entrepreneurs have designed and maximized their space be it at their place of business or in their home office or studio.  Then be sure to scroll down for ten tips to create your own space!

Catherine Austin, Catherine Austin Interior Design

CathyAustin1 - Copy

CathyAustin2 - Copy

Beth Barden, Design Post Interiors

BethBarden2 - Copy

BethBarden3 - Copy

Rachel Camfield, Biz Darling

RachelCamfield1 - Copy

  RacehlCamfield2 - Copy

Lauren Lail, Library Fashion


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Joann Kandrac, Kandrac-Kole

KK4 - Copy


Kelly Kandrac, Kandrac-Kole

KK3 - Copy

KK1 - Copy

Alesya Opelt, Alesya Bags



Sarah Sofia Knepp, Sarah Sophia Productions


SS1 - Copy

Jenny Thompson, Theodosia Jewelry



Jennifer Zamudio, Dot and Army

Products & Creative Space Shoot for Dot & ArmyMarch 10 2015 Bobbi Brinkman


Ten tips for designing an office:

1. A clutter free desk – trays,  bins or baskets to organize by priority levels. Less clutter equals fewer distractions. Take 20 minutes today and clean out the clutter!

2. Add some plants/greenery to filter the air and bring the outside in.

3.  Comfy but supportive chair – and don’t forget to move around/take a quick stretch several times a day.

4.  Rolling file cabinets make putting things away easier.  No stashing or stacking on your desk to clutter it up when this can be at your fingertips.

5.  Personal touches to enjoy while taking a mental breather – display family photos, a piece of art, your inspiration board, souvenirs from a trip.

6.  When possible, set up the space so you can have a view of something enjoyable –  your yard or garden, the park across the street, a view into another room.

7.  Piggybacking on #6, allow for natural light when possible then add desk lighting, floor lamps and task lighting specific to your work area.

8. Overstock with supplies – paper, ink cartridges, pens, pencils, stamps; etc. Be efficient with your time and not running out to gather supplies.

9. Tame the cord jungle – it will look better and will keep you from tripping and cords from tangling.   Try to place your equipment close to outlets so cords are not zig-zagging everywhere.

10. Add some personality with your selection of furniture and accessories  – find an old desk at Goodwill and paint it a fun color.  Put a bright colored kilim on the floor.   Use acrylic pieces such as end tables or lamps to open up the room and allow light and space to pass through.  For the walls,  if you love bright colors, go for it. Offset with muted tones to minimize distractions.


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  1. Cheri Leavy

    LOVED seeing everyone’s work spaces! No surprise, they were all colorful and fun. Thanks for the tips. xo

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