COMMUNITY: Snippets of Summer from The Georgia Coast

Aug 14 2013

by Ramey Shirah

It’s no wonder why people flock to the Georgia coast during summertime, but a pet parrot? That’s apparently what happened when “Kotty” escaped from his owner’s boat and decided to explore Jekyll Island on his own terms! An emergency crew was called in (that’s the real story here), in an attempt to save the disorientated and dehydrated bird. The Catalina macaw was retrieved by Doug Blanton in front of a crowd of curious onlookers and when a tourist asked the fireman if they saved cats from trees too, he replied, “You’d be surprised!”

(The day Doug Blanton saved “Kotty,” the Catalina Macaw.)

July 4th is kind of a big deal around here, so one event stands alone when it comes to patriotic silliness. It’s all about GOLF CART MADNESS! Locals love to let loose for the patriotic display and the 2013 parade did not disappoint. Some of the highlights included Colonial carts, sporty carts, party carts, and some good old fashioned bead throwing too!

(Golf cart parade fun on St. Simons Island)

Meet Thomas and Cliff Caldwell. They understand the meaning of time well spent. The creative father/son duo took sand castle building to a whole new level with their series of mammoth sea creatures and life-sized sunbathers. Keep your eyes peeled for our local artists since they still have one last beast to conquer… a great white shark is next on their list!

(Thomas Caldwell with his nature inspired sand sculptures.)

(11-year-old Thomas Caldwell with his dad, Cliff Caldwell.)
Photo Credits: Cliff Caldwell

Ramey Shirah, a Southern Coterie contributor, has an exquisite eye for photography and a big heart for conservation and nature. She lives on St. Simons Island and shares pictures and insights on her blog, You can also visit Golden Isles Insider on fb @ or on twitter @


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  1. whitneylong

    What a great round-up of a great summer on the Georgia coast! Thanks for sharing, Ramey! Makes me sad that summer is drawing to a close…

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