Colorful Whimsical Georgia Wedding

Mar 17 2014

by Christy Griner Hulsey

Hello. In greatest hopes that you had a wonderful weekend, I’ve got to share this cracker jack of a wedding with you. Like a shiney prize at the bottom of a box of same colored, same sized morsels, this chromatic nuptial gathering is the winner at the base of the carton.

Or so, I think. Don’t you?

You’ve heard of laid back, casual beauty and of uncommon magnetism, right? Well this charismatic bride is what we like to call totally all-of-that.

Totally cute and absolutely personal right down to including her favorite flower (the Gerbera Daisy) this wedding embodies down home, simple-fun, whimsy and personality that I can’t deny is the best I’ve ever seen.

Capture by: Allison Rainey Photography

Location: The Hall by 40 East, Statesboro, Georgia

Floral Design: Colonial House of Flowers


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Christy Griner Hulsey is the Creative Director of Colonial House of Flowers, a family run boutique, founded in 1968 in South Georgia along the United States eastern seaboard in the little town of Statesboro - south of Atlanta, north of Savannah and with a growing international presence.

Using plants, flowers and a real story as her medium she specializes in creating intimate, high-end, bespoke, artistic partnerships, weddings, and event florals. She travels the globe teaching sold-out workshops, hosting fun pop-up shops, demonstrating and sharing herself in ways that focus on her old-world, painterly, classic yet whimsical garden style arrangements, which she shares on instagram @colonialhouseofflowers.

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