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Mar 22 2016

by Nancy McNulty

The rise and popularity of blogging has been a great game changer in the world of public relations.  With some intentional efforts, engaging bloggers specific to your project or cause can deliver a powerful punch.

Our company, Forest Home Media, is a Nashville area PR company specializing in the home lifestyle industry. From the 2013 Southern Living Idea House to the 2014 HGTV® Smart Home in Nashville, we have found home and garden bloggers to be very talented and passionate with loyal followers. After growing our blogger network, in 2016, we are taking this to the next level by partnering with Southeastern design tastemakers and social media influencers for the House for Hope Designer Show House. Click here for more info.

House for Hope Design Team, Carbine & Associates, Photo by Geinger Hill, Forest Home Media
With over a half million followers on Instagram/Facebook, top Southeast tastemaker designers are creating a gorgeous Farmhouse style home for Nashville area children’s charities with builders Carbine & Associates. Left to right: Kim Leggett, City Farmhouse; Jamin and Ashley Mills, The Handmade Home; Colleen Locke, Trot Home; Gina Julian, of Gina Julian; Meg Kelly, Pencil and Paper, Co.; KariAnne Wood, Thistlewood Farm; Julie Couch, Julie Couch Interiors; James Carbine and Daryl Walny, Carbine & Associates; Kara Blalock, Lauren Blalock, ReFresh Home; Chad James, Chad James Group; Lori Paranjape, Redo Home & Design; Rhoda Vickers, Southern Hospitality; Angie Forte and Jerome Farris, Peddler Interiors. (Not pictured, Lucy Farmer, Lucy’s Inspired and Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist. Photo by Geinger Hill, Forest Home Media)

Based on our years of experience, here are some of the important tips if you want to add bloggers to your PR formula:


Just as you would not approach a sports reporter to cover your fashion show, be careful you aren’t sending a news release or query letter on a subject matter which is not relevant to a blogger’s interest. Good bloggers have very clear bios on their blogs and social media accounts so this is very easy to determine.

Support & Engage

As you begin your search for your bloggers, Google is a huge resource. I also like to use Instagram. Once I’ve found an interesting writer, blogger or designer, I will look through their follow list. Most importantly, once you’ve determined a blogger who would be a good match, be sure you to support their brand with follows and authentic comments on posts.

Understand Deadlines

Again, the guidelines which apply to media also apply to bloggers. Understand bigger bloggers have a content calendar many times reflected by the seasons of the year. Give the blogger plenty of time to consider if your information works with their plan. I do this a minimum of two months in advance.


As you grow your blogger collaboration, be sure to not make the mistake Lord & Taylor has just corrected at the request of the Federal Trade Commission. Be sure your blogger discloses any compensation for the blog and in social posts add at the least #ad.

Kristin Alm, Scripps Networks Director of Corporate Communication, whom we worked with on the Smart Home, says “the home lifestyle industry is blessed with some interesting and talented writers….Traditional news outlets hit everyone and when you add the blogging community, it really focuses the coverage.”

House for Hope Rendering, Carbine & Associates, Ben Johnston Illustrations
The House for Hope in Tennessee is a great collaboration of design bloggers, social media influencers and an award-winning builder partnering to help area children’s charities.

Definitely add blogger outreach to your efforts. Donating their time and talents, we are super excited to be partnering with over a dozen for the House for Hope who have a combined reach of over a half a million Instagram and Facebook followers. I’ll be excited to report back the results which the building team is predicting will be in the form of over $100,000 given to Nashville area children’s charities. The ultimate in blogger partnering!



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Cool, new and different is the mantra driving the public relations efforts of our company, Forest Home Media. Based outside Nashville in the historic Forest Home area, as a PR rep, I love working with a variety of home lifestyle companies including the 2014 Nashville HGTV Smart Home builder and served on the PR team for Southern Living Idea House at Fontanel. A long-time Tennessee girl with a communications degree from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, my career began as a newspaper reporter and a state agency spokesman. Connect with me at

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