COASTAL CUISINE: Georgia’s Food Shrimp Season is Now Open!

Jun 12 2013

by Ramey Shirah

FOODIE ALERT: Great news, seafood lovers! Our famous, sweet, fresh-off-the-boat white shrimp are back, which can only mean one thing… it’s time to go shrimpin’!

People who love The Golden Isles know that life on the Georgia Coast has its benefits. Friendly neighbors, beautiful sights, exciting activities… FRIED SHRIMP! (Yeah, the caps were necessary.) If you’re not on-board the shrimp boat yet, grab a life jacket – it’s time to get your toes wet!

Georgia’s commercial and recreational shrimp season officially opened on Tuesday, June 11th at 6:00am. This is exciting news for everyone from seasoned veterans to first-time shrimpers who want to dive right in! Factors like tides, full moon cycles, and temperature all play a role in shrimping conditions, so plan accordingly.

If you don’t have a boat, that’s okay. There are plenty of places to throw a cast net and/or use a seine net along the coast. Cast netting involves a well-practiced throwing technique, while seine netting requires bold-faced bravery. Where there are shrimp, there are mystery critters, so get ready to tolerate weird things rubbing up against your leg.

Experienced shoreline shrimpers like low-tide, prefer dusk/dark, and warmer waters. Shrimp swim closer to the beach at night, so a dark, cloudy day will sometimes cause them to come in early too. It’s wise to avoid oyster beds and some of the pros suggest keeping a spare net with you, just in case your primary net rips. REMEMBER: All shrimpers must have a valid 2013 recreational fishing license and please be cautious if you’re going to swim out in the open ocean!

Seine net shrimpers at St. Andrews Beach on Jekyll Island.

Georgia brown shrimp caught at St. Andrews beach with a seine net.

HELP US CONSERVE OUR COAST: If you happen to discover a huge striped shrimp that looks “different” in your net, scientists want to know about it! Asian tiger shrimp are present in our regional waters and they are considered an invasive species. Tiger shrimp don’t just compete against native shrimp for food, they actually eat them!

REPORT Your Asian Tiger Shrimp Sighting with the form below:

More About Asian Tiger Shrimp in the Southeast HERE:

City Market, in Brunswick, GA

Looking for an easy way out? If staying dry is more your style, there’s always a “Plan B”. Our “Plan B” is called City Market and it’s where most of the locals go to buy their shrimp. City Market will have what you’re looking for and it’s located at 1508 Gloucester Street, in Brunswick. Have a safe summer & Happy Shrimpin’!


Georgia’s DNR Shrimp Season Announcement for 2013:

Limits, Rules, & Guidelines for 2013:

Tiger Shrimp in Georgia:

Ramey Shirah, a Southern Coterie contributor, has an exquisite eye for photography and a big heart for conservation and nature. She lives on St. Simons Island and shares pictures and insights on her blog, You can also visit Golden Isles Insider on fb or @goldenislesGA on twitter for more insider scoops!


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  1. whitneylong

    Love this post, Ramey! Beautiful photography celebrating the lowcountry lifestyle! And now, I am headed off to the seafood market 🙂

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