Christmas Fudge

Dec 18 2013

by Chelsea Eli

Nothing says Christmas like a batch of mom’s fudge. It melts in your mouth and makes you feel all warm and happy inside. It’s pretty easy to make, too. Here’s her recipe:



Spray 9 x 13 pan with cooking spray. Place sugar, butter and evaporated milk in large heavy saucepan. Bring to full rolling boil on medium heat, stirring constantly. Boil 4 minutes, stirring constantly to prevent scorching, remove from heat. Add chocolate and marshmallow creme, stir until completely melted. Add vanilla and mix well. Pour immediately into prepared pan, spread to form even layer in pan.. Let stand for 4 hours before cutting in 1-inch squares. Store at room temperature.

It’s so easy and perfect for a cozy, Christmas night by the fire! Enjoy!

xoxo-Chelsea Eli


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