Cat Mixes: Cherry Blossom Cooler

Apr 12 2013

by Sally Cooks

Southern Recipe Posted by Sally Cooks.

My beautiful mixologist friend Cat is here with another Friday cocktail that will knock your socks off! It is almost 5 on the East coast so get out your blender and get excited for the weekend!

She’s My Cherry (Blossom) Pie


C: I was lucky enough to get to take a walk with my favorite walking buddy yesterday! Sally, obviously. And while we were definitely sweating our butts off in April, not normal, those walks are always my favorite because we get to catch up while working off those pre-cocktail calories. Always important!

So, in addition to Mother Nature deciding to play April Fools MONTH on Washington, DC by bringing summer a few months early (sweating in April is really just…no, no that shouldn’t happen), this month has also marked the arrival of Cherry Blossom season. This is when the gorgeous cherry blossoms bloom, for about a week, and then some rainstorm will come through and blow off all the pretty blooms. For most of the nation it’s like “oh my goshhhh how pretty!!! I must go to Washington, DC and see this site before the blooms are gone!”

For those of us who live in Washington, DC there are literally no weeks in the year we dread more. You can’t get on the metro, you can’t drive anywhere, the tourists are worse than a 17-year cicada season…and all of the sudden it’s entirely too hot. So yeah, the city is full of sweaty people who are lost and transportation comes to a standstill. At least the flowers are pretty? I think Washington, DC residents may actually hate them. Not to mention we are all convinced that’s what causes all of our allergies.

Back to our walk… While we were trying to look cute sweating, we were talking about what the cocktail for this week should be. And then right in front of our eyes on the walk, bam, duh, something cherry blossom inspired it must be!

Then I thought back to perhaps Sally’s most hilarious moment ever. Somehow the issue of cherry pie had come up and let me tell you, the way this girl described her passion for cherry pie had me on the floor. Still to this day, I’m not fully off the floor.

Let’s just say she loves cherry pie with lots of expletives used to describe that love. So with our love/hate relationship with Cherry Blossom season in mind, plus Sal’s obsession with cherry pie, and add in the extreme heat we’ve been dealing with, we’ve got a frozen cherry drink coming your way.

This drink promises to refresh, has no sugar added (hello bikini season why are you so close!? Go away), is delicious and pretty customizeable. Different fruit, different alcohol, different herbs. This is just a base for you to get all creative my loves. I actually had Grant take a sip and he wouldn’t give it back, which makes me feel like this one is a winner (I hope).

Oh, and did you know cherries are loaded with vitamins, fiber, and can improve inflammation in your body? WIN on this one. That means you can have a lot. If you live in Washington, DC I recommend having at least three. That way you can forget about the tourist that just stood on the left side of the escalator at the metro station, or the fact that you’ve been in your car/taxi for 4 hours and have moved .5 miles. Do it for your mental and physical health, my dad is a doctor, I know what I’m talking about.

Cherry Blossom Cooler (I ‘m terrible at names I need help. Please submit alternatives I will hand deliver you one of these)


2013-04-11 20.22.43• Shot of clear rum or vodka or whiskey/bourbon
• 1 cup of Rosé wine – doesn’t have to be fancy. You want something dry and fruity, not sweet.
• 1 shot of St. Germain
• 1 oz (shot glass) of lime juice – feel free to use the stuff from the bottle
• Juice of two lemons
• A few sprigs of mint – more or less depending on how much you like
• ½ cup or so of frozen cherries
• A dash of bitters if you like that or if your wine is a bit sweet
• Ice to finish up in the blender
Gather all of those fancy ingredients

Pour your wine and liquors into a measuring cup with a spout, this will make pouring into the blender a little less messy with all that liquid.

2013-04-11 20.23.22

Add in that bottled lime juice, as well as your lemon juice (bottle or not)

2013-04-11 20.24.48

Throw your liquids, mint, and frozen cherries in the blender. Look at that color already!!

2013-04-11 20.25.29

Give it a whirl to check the flavor and thickness. You may want more cherry, more rum (I love you), more mint, or that little bit of bitters if your cherries or wine happen to be too sweet for your liking. Throw in some extra ice and blend again.

2013-04-11 20.25.55

Poor into your glass of choice, garnish with some mint and enjoy your cherry paradise!

2013-04-11 20.27.42

P.S. Sally and I would love to hear any requests for recipes/cocktails anyone might have!!! She also happens to be a genius behind the bar as well, so send them on to SallyCooks!

Enjoy this southern recipe in this collection of our southern cuisine – let’s gather the best southern food ideas for The Southern Coterie cookbook.


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  1. jenniferglover

    Um, YUM!! I will be making this 5 o’clock (or any o’clock) cocktail very soon! Thanks for sharing!

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