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Oct 20 2015

by Nancy McNulty

“If I have to stop another staff meeting to discuss the latest social media,” was the unforgettable, exasperated response to a dinner discussion with former Southern Living Editor Lindsay Bierman and SL Communications Director, Jennifer Zawadzinski. The social network we were discussing years ago was a little thing called Instagram! This response is probably universal for each new launch including Periscope. So, how do you determine if this live streaming app works for your company, blog or life?


When a new social networking site is introduced like Ello, Blab or Periscope, the first thing I recommend as a Nashville public relations rep is to grab your user name. It’s hard to predict which site will takeoff; but, we had a feeling Periscope was going to be popular from the powerful Twitter backing to the early influencers using it like Bravo’s Andy Cohen and internationally acclaimed photographer Jeremy Cowart.


Recently, Cyle Augusta Lewis gave a great primer on how to Periscope. Rockstar home lifestyle blogger KariAnne Wood (@ThistlewoodFarms) uses it as well as Southern Living Contributing Garden Editor Carmen Johnston (@CarmenJohnston). Both have the same goal of engagement and brand building.

KariAnne Wood, Thistlewood Farms
KariAnne Wood, rockstar blogger of Thistlewood Farms, launched her first Periscope with me at the Haven Blogger Conference in Atlanta. She’s one to follow @ThistlewoodFarm.

“Periscope is an excellent tool to connect readers to my brand allowing instant behind the scenes on what is going on. I love it because no matter where a person is on their journey, Periscope works,” Wood said. “My number one tip is to not overthink it. Yes, create a general outline for your broadcast. Just don’t overthink or over plan because you don’t want to lose being authentic.”


Wood says it is important to let people know through your blog or social channels when you are scoping which is something we encourage as well. Below, I created this promo pic for Touchstone Title & Escrow with help from the WordSwag iPhone app. We then tagged & posted across channels.

Touchstone Title & Escrow Periscope Promo Pic
We create Periscope promo pics using text apps like WordSwag and then push through our client’s social media channels. Don’t forget to add time zone.

Lifestyle garden guru Johnston uses Periscope to show folks the magic behind those dreamy Southern Living Plant Collection magazine photo shoots and also uses Periscope at Home Depot how-to demos across the Southeast.

Carmen Johnston

“Periscope gives you the opportunity to capture real moments like no other social platform. I love being able to invite people into my world and I love stepping into someone else’s world in a way never before possible,” Johnston said. “The app has added dimension to the garden experience in an exciting new way.”


Brainstorming with readers is another neat aspect for Wood. She took on styling a bookcase for fall for client, Kirkland’s, and invited readers along.


“I Periscoped the shopping trip getting instant feedback on items I was considering. In my blog post, I had examples of three ways to do this and I linked the Periscope in my blog.” Click here to find this fun blog and Periscope.


When Periscoping, if you have your phone set to save the broadcast to your phone, you’ll be able to capture the content and load the good scopes to YouTube. Wood also prefers “I like Katch better because it shows the viewers comments. It was super valuable for Kirklands and me.”


As @NanceSense, I did a Periscope this week from the Nashville Parade of Homes and had several inappropriate comments.  I was able to go to Katch and permanently delete them. This is a great editing feature.


There are always unexpected moments when doing a live cast. Wood says some of her funniest include a tour of her home when she came upon dog poop and the time she accidentally double tapped the screen reversing the view to herself in yoga pants! She adds, “that’s the joy and realness of it. So, be prepared!”


With the dimensioning number of traditional media outlets, Forest Home Media is using Periscope as a micro-press conference announcing client news. We will be announcing a huge Nashville home-related 2016 charity tour in November. (@NancyMcNulty) You’ll find Wood next week heading to the Texas fabric market. She has a line of fabric coming out in 2016 partnering with Hoffman fabrics. Give them both a follow and tune into Wood’s adventures next weekend! She’s #hilarious. And, share with us below in the comments some of the fun ways you’ve used Periscope to inspire us!



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Cool, new and different is the mantra driving the public relations efforts of our company, Forest Home Media. Based outside Nashville in the historic Forest Home area, as a PR rep, I love working with a variety of home lifestyle companies including the 2014 Nashville HGTV Smart Home builder and served on the PR team for Southern Living Idea House at Fontanel. A long-time Tennessee girl with a communications degree from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, my career began as a newspaper reporter and a state agency spokesman. Connect with me at

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  1. Dana Tucker

    I love Periscope! Great article. I follow all three of you and think you are doing a fabulous job of using Periscope to promote your brands and your clients. Keep them coming ladies!!

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