Boston Strong

Apr 24 2013

by Susan Scarborough

I love Boston. My family and I always feel like we’re at home in New England’s first city even though we’ve never lived there. The historical city has always held a special place in our hearts. That love affair only got stronger last week.

For three centuries, Bostonians have had a tenacious, intense love of life. They are a strong stock…it’s in their blood. Like New Yorkers after 9/11, they responded to the incomprehensible bombings on April 15 with strength and defiance. The rest of America followed Boston’s lead.

Americans have always rebounded from misfortune, hardships and trauma with resilience and perseverance. Whether in West, Texas, along the Jersey Shore or in the Back Bay. We refuse to be held down by our fears because we are too busy rising up to help each other. Communities across the Northeast came together to help towns destroyed by tornadoes in Alabama and churches in New England are still rebuilding towns in Mississippi beaten down by Hurricane Katrina.

And since the explosions went off at the finish line in Boston, hundreds of events have been organized across the country in support of the victims bombings. Baseball teams at Mississippi State changed their logos on their caps to the letter “B”. And even the rivalry between Yankees and Red Sox fans was forgotten for a day with a projected love note for Boston on the side of the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

All Americans are determined to overcome the evil acts against innocent men, women and children. We are determined to keep fighting for a better future in the face of overwhelming odds. We are unified in our efforts to rebuild, recover and rerun next year’s Boston Marathon.

And today, we are all Boston Strong.


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  1. marydellharrington

    I lived in Boston for two years and will always feel a sense of connection to the city you so-well describe. Tragedy for the city and heartbreak for all of those who were injured and who lost loved ones.

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