Book Review: “Domino: Your Guide To A Stylish Home”

Jan 4 2017

by Nancy McNulty

The Southern Coterie blog: "Book Review: Domino" by Nancy McNulty (photo: Michael Whitbank)
Source: Domino, photo by Michael Wiltbank

If unrealistic expectations for home and entertaining have sabotaged your creativity, the latest offering from the editors of Domino magazine, “Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home,” is the perfect antidote.

Domino Editorial Director Jessica Romm Perez and Shanni Silver, Domino’s director of digital content, have amassed a 272-page, beautiful, hardcover book that is so much more than a stylish addition to your coffee table. And fun fact, Romm Perez will be a presenter at the February Southern C Summit in Sea Island, Georgia!

Domino Editor Jessica Romm Perez, The Southern C
Want to see Romm Perez’s own personal style? You can step inside her Greenwich Village home in this Fresh Edit interview.

Romm Perez shared that this latest book is about “showing real life in an inspiring and elevated manner—showing how creative people inhabit their spaces, and that it doesn’t have to be perfect. We want every page to have content that is accessible and brings value to the reader.”

The book immediately challenges readers to embrace character, imperfections and all things that make you happy. (Can I get amen?!) With coaching guides throughout, the reader is inspired to own and develop a style with a practical tips on from everything from flooring, upholstery and tile to creating gallery walls and stylish vignettes. The infusion of fresh lifestyle voices also brings a fun and personal dimension to the information-packed guidebook.

One of my favorite sections is on styling book shelves and mantels. Romm Perez reflected on in this section in a live chat with Washington Post’s home and design writer Jura Koncius.

“Our new book is packed with tips about how to style your bookshelf and mantels. First start by taking EVERYTHING off your book case and sort by the books that you love/and are most attractive. Organize them loosely by color (do not be too rigid about this). Take your time – really play around with scale and color. Then start to layer in objects you love – colorful vases in a palette you love, family photos, glass objects, small framed prints, marble, wood and brass objects to add dimension and  personality,” Romm Perez said.

Domino is unique in the landscape of beautiful shelter magazines with its quarterly print mag, relevant online and digital voice merged with eCommerce. They are also masters of brand approachability and consumer interaction. Domino recently held a fun Pop-Up Store in New York which I dropped by with PR pro, Jennifer Zawadzinski, as well as a Nashville book signing at Wilder at which I found Romm Perez friendly and so kind. Well-played Domino!

Inspired by their winter edition, the Domino holiday pop-up store in NYC had “new decor concept, from girl power to West Coast cool!”

Definitely give Domino a follow on all things social from their beautiful Instagram feed to Facebook. We are thrilled they will be part of the Southern C Summit and Nashville’s inaugural House for Hope Designer Show House in March presented by Carbine & Associates. With Southeast design influencers and tastemakers, the addition of Domino into the creative mix will be exciting. Follow the build here and don’t forget to grab a copy of their latest book!



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