Book Review: Darcy Miller’s “Celebrate Everything!”

Apr 17 2017

by Nancy McNulty

The Southern Coterie blog: "Book Review: Darcy Miller's 'Celebrate Everything'" by Nancy McNulty (photo: Teresa Earnest Photography for The Southern C Summit)
Founding editor of Martha Stewart Weddings and celebrations expert Darcy Miller offers a comprehensive guide to all things festive and fun in her new book, “Celebrate Everything! Fun Ideas to Bring Your Parties to Life“. (photo: Teresa Earnest Photography for The Southern C Summit)


The Southern Coterie blog: "Book Review: Darcy Miller's 'Celebrate Everything'" by Nancy McNulty (photo: Kelli Boyd Photography for The Southern C Summit)
Darcy Miller takes the stage at the 2017 Southern C Summit in Sea Island, GA. (photo: Kelli Boyd Photography for The Southern C Summit)

Let’s just be honest. I’m obsessed with Darcy Miller’s “Celebrate Everything!” book and Darcy after spending time with her during the Southern C Summit.

My NYC PR colleague Jen Zawadzinski and I were on conference break enjoying iced tea at The Cloister’s River Bar when the adorable author and Martha Stewart Weddings’ editor-at-large walked in. You can just sense when someone who celebrates everything is in your presence! Jen and I immediately knew we needed to figure out what she was up to.

Entering the world of Darcy Miller is a pretty magical and inspiring place and we loved her presentation at The Summit.  And long after she headed back to New York, I’ve been pouring over her fun ideas to bring your parties to life. My first order was to find out what Martha thinks about the book. In her kind forward she shares, “I suggest you use this book for inspiration first, then as instruction….Darcy’s sources are generously shared.” When you are being inspired to take your parties to the next level, how absolutely awesome to have this how-to. Martha was spot on, #obviously.

This book could be a little overwhelming if you don’t approach it with the spirit conveyed early by the author. Even if you don’t D-I-Y it, Do-It-Together (D-I-T)! So let’s dig in to just a few of my favorite things.

1. Bring Theme And Color To Your Party With Garlands! The perfect way to weave your theme and color into a party is a fun garland. And always thinking ahead, Darcy suggests use painter’s tape or a suction cup hook to avoid making holes in your wall.

(photo: Jake Vinsek)


Curtain rods or pre-existing holes are also great options for hanging garland says Darcy in her extensive party primer. (photo: Quentin Bacon)

2. From printed napkins to photo cookies, Darcy knows we all love a good photo idea. Her best “must steal this idea now” is to print out a photo and wrap your gift of champagne or wine. Slide into a clear bag, sprinkle with confetti and you win the prize for cutest hostess gift!

3. The book also runs deep with great cocktail and party food recipes. Cannot wait to try the homemade marshmallows which would also make a fun party favor. And, coming to a Steeplechase party real soon in Nashville will be the Limoncello-tini served in a silver julep cup with shaved ice. Darcy may not have heard of Sonic ice, but it will be a key ingredient!

4. Confession time. I have a thing about taking table flowers from parties! As a known offender, who has returned many a vase, Darcy shares the great idea of using vases on a cake platter as a centerpiece and then sending guests home with a blossom-filled votive. (Please take note friends!)

5. Champagne bubbly bar. With an array of cute bowls, filled with edible roses, pomegranate seeds or candy hearts. Darcy compares it to a sundae bar but just a little buzzier!

(photo: Charlotte Jenkins Lewis)

From her adorable how-to-set-a-table diagram to bow-tie crackers topped with cavier, this book is a marvelous gift for generations of hostesses and hosts and strongly suggest no party should begin without it!

(photo: Bryan Gardner)

Be sure you visit Darcy Miller Designs website for the bow-tie instructions and more! Head back in time for Mother’s Day when she’ll be sharing her Mother’s Day cootie catcher! For all her latest inspiration, follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


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