Best of Biz Blogs – Cheri’s Round up of Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Sep 3 2014

by Cheri Leavy

1. Photography: 10 Things Not To Do

10 common mistakes that you don’t want to make from the smart gals at These photo tips will better your blog or business promotions’ photography such as crop now don’t crop later. Some were things I am doing wrong and such a simple fix, I said aloud, “oh, duh!”

2. 7 Ways to Get Things Done More Efficiently

We are big fans of Meg Biram and I love her new weekly series, Get Shit Done. This list is great and my favorite is Don’t look at your email for as long as possible. Then you can work on your actual projects and not just react to emails. Another read where I said aloud, “oh, duh!”

3. 6 Simple Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

I love that one of the six ways to increase traffic is to find your community. We hope The Southern Coterie solves this one for you. Find the thought leaders around the South in our viral community as well as at the Summits. Share and promote each other.

4. 10 Things Great Talent Always Does

Making talent recruitment a top priority can multiply the success of an organization. Look for traits like versatility, flexibility, versatility, etc.

5. How to Create Perfect Posts on Social Platforms [Infographic]

How to craft the perfect post on facebook, pinterest, youtube, etc and what time of day to do it. I will admit this is so good I printed it #oldschool.


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  1. cherileavy Post author

    Your welcome Susan- it was a good exercise for me to look at smart advice. Now I need to apply it!

    Whitney- #oldschoolisgood! Whitney Long is a printer and note taker too so we are peas in a pod.

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