Beat the Heat – Easy Summer Wine Cocktail Recipe!

Jun 23 2014

by Kyla Cox

There’s nothing I like better in the summer than sipping a refreshing bottle of Rosé or savoring a wine cocktail doctored up with fresh fruit and herbs from my fridge.

Ginger is one of my current culinary obsessions. It’s known as a “stimulating herb” because it prompts increased blood flow and causes us to sweat. We all know what sweating does, it cools us down! Look for ways to add a little ginger to your diet this summer to beat the sweltering southern heat.

From savory dishes and sweet treats, to the easy summer cocktail below, keep your cool with ginger!

Here’s my quick wine cocktail recipe that’s easier to make than sangria:

1 Bottle of Rosé wine (In Atlanta? Visit Savor Wine Boutique for the perfect bottle)

1 pint strawberries – half muddled, half sliced

2 lemons, juiced

2-3 Bottles Ginger Beer (to taste)

Mint or Basil – garnish with whole leaves or chiffonade (roll tightly and cut into thin strips)

TIP: For enhanced ginger flavor (and benefits!) add a little sliced ginger root.


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