Back to School – Homework, Uniforms and Lunch Boxes Aren’t Just for Kids

Aug 17 2016

by Carrie Peeples

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It’s that time of year again: back to school! And the advice I give to parents and kids for this time of year I’m giving to you as well because it applies to all of us. Whether you are in school yourself, have kids in school, or haven’t been to school in years, now is a special time of the year because we all remember what it was like for summer to end and start school routines again. And although school has a routine, each year was different which certainly made it even more exciting with new teachers, classes, rooms, friends, etc. In some ways, it’s like New Year’s Day because you have a nationally recognized “new start” in the last trimester of the year. It’s a perfect time for some self examination and to evaluate where you are and where you’d like to be.

Looking at these specific areas of your life and determining how they are working for you can give you that inspiration to make a simple, thoughtful change that has a dramatic impact on your level of success.

(Home)work station: where you do your work. Is it well stocked with the supplies you need? Are you constantly running out of pens when you need to write something down? Is your phone constantly dying because you don’t have a convenient place to charge it? Speaking of your phone–have you uploaded pictures anytime recently so you’re not using up all of your storage space?

Now is a perfect time to get your (home)work station in stock with the supplies you need so you can actually focus on the work that needs to get done. While you’re at it, clear that excess paperwork off the desk and file those papers away. Do you even need to keep those papers? Act on them and then toss if you can. You do have a trashcan conveniently located, right? 🙂

Got your uniform? I never wore a school uniform but I think every school should require them. The kids just love that suggestion! #eyeroll. They make life so much better for students because it’s one less decision they have to make in the morning and you save money not buying all the trendy stuff they’ll never wear again.

So you probably don’t wear an official uniform today but you can make your life, and specifically your mornings, so much easier by simplifying your wardrobe. Group your “work” clothes together so you don’t even have to look at items you’d never consider for work. Get rid of duplicates and the “aspirational” (I’ll fit in to those SOMEDAY) clothes. They only distract and depress you. Use good hangers, too, so your clothes stay neater.

Also, toss the clothes you’ve worn in the hamper. They may not seem dirty but they are. Trust me. You don’t want to mix up the clothes you’ve just worn with the ones you’ve just laundered.

Get your lunchbox ready: This is Meal Planning 101. You can avoid the mad rush in the morning to get out the door by planning and prepping a little in advance not only for kids’ meals but your own. The more you plan ahead, the fewer decisions you have to make at the last minute which is when yore more likely to not make such a smart decision (hello, drive thru again). Package up some healthful options ahead of time like nuts, sliced fruit, veggies, or cheese so you’re ready to grab something on the way out.

The same applies for dinner time and staying organized at home. A little meal planning helps you know what you’re going to have ahead of time so you can have the right groceries on hand. The less time you’re wasting on multiple trips to the store means more time doing things you WANT to do.

A huge factor of being organized, whether you’re a kid or an adult, is making everything convenient for you so you’re more likely to continue the good habit. The more complicated an activity becomes, whether it’s a filing system, paying bills, cooking, doing homework, or getting dressed, the less likely you are to make a positive decision and the more stress you put on yourself.  Make it easy for you to make the right choice!

Happy organizing!


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