Artist Spotlight Series: Kiki Slaughter

Feb 23 2016

by Holly Phillips


I am thrilled to introduce you to yet another southern rising star in the art world. Kiki Slaughter was introduced to me by Hidell Brooks Gallery

Her work has a beautiful calming and etherial quality while incorporating dramatic color contrasts. 

Enjoy getting to know… 

Kiki Slaughter

Atlanta, Georgia


What is your training? 

I had the most incredible art teacher throughout my childhood named Karen Shea. She instilled the fundamentals of art in me and inspired me to be the artist I am today. I graduated from The University of Virginia with a BA in Studio Art and Art History. My teachers at UVA were fantastic and helped me find my style by encouraging me experiment with different methods of painting. I then attended The Sotheby’s Institute in London where I received an MA is Contemporary Art History. I learned so much about the world of art here and had the opportunity to travel around Europe and see some of the most famous pieces of art in the world. I returned home with full confidence that being an artist was the path for me. 


What inspires you and your designs?

My method is my muse. My work is best described as an experiment with the fundamental process of painting. I pour, scrape, layer and otherwise manipulate paint on the canvas to create pieces that are rich in both color and texture. I paint very much in the moment, with little consideration of anything but the paint and painting in front of me. A controlled freedom. In this way, my work and designs are inspired by the very act of painting – composing layers of color and texture until they become a work of art. 


What is your favorite piece? 

It is hard to pick a favorite piece because I feel connected to them all, but I painted “Mother” for my first solo show in college. It is special to me because it represents the debut of my painting style and the beginning of my career. 

In general I am usually in love with whatever I am currently working on. Right now some favorites are my large scale “all over” paintings. They are inspired by my paint covered studio/style and I love the way they work with ​​any interior. 



I also just framed a series of paint covered, torn strips of canvas titled “lines” that I am really excited about. All the different colors and sizes are so fun to mix and match. 

Unknown-5 Unknown-4 Unknown-3 Unknown-2


How has the your area influenced your work?

I am originally from picturesque Charlottesville, Virginia so have always been inspired by more natural surroundings but moving to Atlanta has given my work an added urban inspiration. My studio is at The Goat Farm which is an old cotton gin factory that has been converted into studio spaces. True to its name, there are literally goats and chickens on the property. The contrast of farm animals among these cool old buildings set in the city of Atlanta creates an aesthetic charm that I can’t help but be inspired by. 

What is your favorite restaurant in Atlanta?

I love going to brunch at Folk Art


or Two Urban Licks is a favorite. 


What is your favorite cocktail?

It’s a tie between a Margarita


or a Mojito



How do you balance personal life and work? 

I have a one year old son and a baby girl on the way, so balancing work and motherhood is quite a challenge but family and art are what make me tick so I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is a juggling act that somehow works!? Having a studio space away from home helps me focus and try my best to keep work at work. 


Dream trip? 

Any exotic beach destination. A honeymoon like vacation annually would be ideal! 


Dream commission?

It would be really cool to paint a floor. 


Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

Anything sweet. 


Who is your style icon? 

I don’t know if I really have a style icon. I kind of mix whatever I am feeling. I love an eclectic, simple yet interesting look both in fashion and in the home. I can’t say that I uphold the fashion part personally though as I am usually in paint covered work out clothes. 

Your favorite up and coming artist?

They are both very established, but I love the work of Katie Long Stevenson


and Sally King Benedict.


I also love the framed textiles of St.Frank.



What is your most treasured possession? 

Hard to say, but I love pictures because of the people and memories they invoke. In the age of the iphone we rarely print out our pictures anymore so having a photo to physically hold is a special thing nowadays. 

I also love collecting art books. My favorite is an old History of Art book that was my Mom’s in school. Its patina shows how much it was read and adored and makes it like a piece of art itself. 

Unknown-1 Unknown   mother

What are you reading?

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert


What are you listening to?

My sister has the best taste in music and always makes the greatest playlists. So right now I am listening to one she made for the New Year.  

What are your favorite blogs / publications?

 The Scout Guide (based in Charlottesville, VA) – Their aesthetic is so beautiful! 

I also always love Garden & Gun.



Enjoy her portfolio…




















I am currently coveting these chic chairs and pillows painted by Kiki! 







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