Aidan Cares, and you should, too!

Apr 1 2013

by Emily C. Taylor

Aidan Hornaday is a 12-year-old Southern gentleman from the Atlanta area. He has an endearing personality and speaks with eloquence far beyond his years.

It’s true, Aidan’s speaking abilities are impressive. But that’s not why we chose him to be the junior keynote speaker at the Southern C Summit.

He’s an incredibly talented harmonica player, but what’s really noteworthy is that it was this talent that led him to start “Aidan Cares,” a philanthropy with the mission to encourage parents and adults to be models for giving.

Aidan’s philanthropic efforts have donated more than $60,000 to different charities, and he firmly believes children should have the opportunity to learn how to be givers.

It all started when 7-year-old Aidan got bored at an adult dinner in Atlanta.

He excused himself from the table, took off his adorable fedora, and started jamming away on the harmonica– then his newly found talent.

When the grown-up dinner was finally over, he had $80 in his cap, and he was amazed how easy it’d been.

Inspired by this giving, Aidan donated the money to an organization fighting intestinal bacteria in Africa, and then he founded “Aidan Cares.”

He never looked back, but rather he always looks forward to new opportunities to help others.

If you want to be impressed like we are, check out this interview where Aidan talks about his efforts to help a struggling family get a car.

Aidan is talented, driven, generous, and Southern. What’s not to love?

Needless to say, we’re thrilled to have this inspiring young man on board.


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