Oct 2 2013

by Lydia Menzies

Abracadabra…Graham is 6! My little guy wanted to have Mark the Magic Man come to his party…so we put together a magical good time to celebrate another fun year! Pastry chef, Patrick Dezii and Brittany of Edible Details worked their magic to create a cake that had magic falling from the hat~

As the guests arrived, they were greeted by magic carpets hanging from shepherd hooks on each side of the entrance. I used rolled canvas and cut out rectangles. Then, I handpainted a rabbit popping out of a black hat on each one (24 of them). I punched holes along each side of the mats and tied ribbon (girls) and raffia (boys) on the ends as fringe. My son requested one without any ribbons or raffia and so his was perfectly plain, just as he wished!

Each child was fitted with a magician’s cape when they came in the door and were encouraged to make some magic!

The excellent capes were made by First Crush Designs . Graham’s cape was reversible with a “G” on one side and a star on the other. All other capes were red with a black shiny star and reversed to black. Graham chose to wear his cape with the G showing. I loved it that First Crush Designs made his cape extra-special!

The children could help themselves to the Magic Potion that glowed~ with orbs surrounding it and a fine mist from dry ice in water (placed well out of reach for safety reasons)…

I loved the customized bottle labels that Loralee Lewis made for the party- they were such a fun and cute little detail- along with the straw flags!

I also loved the modular origami stars that hung above the silver bowl and that were placed on the tables as centerpieces. They were handmade by Origami Delights- and she made the small, confetti size origami stars, too! These were a big hit for everyone- and I saved them to use over and over!

Chef Patrick also made Full Moon Magic (moon pies/whoopie pies), Magic Wands (fruit kabobs topped with star fruit slice), Alakazam Cookies, Lucky Star sandwiches. All of those were plated on a bed of magic crystals in red, blue, and yellow. We also served popcorn, pretzels, and bugles in“Floating Wizard Hats” which were hung on a metal stand using fishing wire to seem invisible. The cones were so kindly sent to me by Deanna of Mirabelle Designs. Table signs, rosettes, flags, and stickers by Loralee Lewis.

The Magic Wizard Hats were great to have during the magic show. They are cones made by Mirabelle Creations and filled with Bugles (wizard hats), pretzels (magic wands), and popcorn (for the “poof”)! They hung from fishing wire to look like they were floating rather than attached. Loralee made two different labels to keep the cones together~

Before the magic show, the children were encouraged to make their own magic with different activities set up around the party. The activities included, Mix Your Magic– guests could mix primary colors in water to magically make secondary colors. Next, they could choose an animal to put in the small container to take home and watch magic happen (it would grow in water and shrink when out of water).

My son wanted everyone to have a coin trick and so we set up a station with mini magician hats and a quarter. They had to try to guess where the coin was as the hats were switched around by my husband. We had a Magic Hat Parade– similar to a cake walk but the prize was a black top hat. I do this game a lot at birthday parties because the children love it and it keeps them moving- but in a circle!!

The Magic Show was so much fun for the kids! They each sat on their own magic carpet and were entertained by Mark the Magic Man!

One of my son’s favorite parts of the show was when his dad was turned into a monster!

After the show, Mark tied balloon animals for the children and gave them little magic tricks. The favors were cookies decorated like cards with the number 6 on them and a Joker with a G. They were topped with adorable little thank you cards by Loralee Lewis.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET BOY! I sure do love you!

A really big thank you to my parents who always pitch in to help with their grandchildren’s parties! Without you, I might still be tying, gluing, and sticking to make it all come together! See more photos here

So many thanks to all of the wonderful vendors!

Party by Lydia at The Party Wagon
Party Signs, banners, flags, stickers, tags- Loralee Lewis
Magic Capes- First Crush Designs
Cake Topper- Edible Details
Origami Stars- big and small- Origami Delights
Wizard Hat Cones- Mirabelle Designs
Cake and all baked goods- Patrick Dezii
Magician- Mark the Magic Man
Photography- Deanna at Zoomworks Photography
Orbs- Save on Crafts
Hats, Wands, Coin Tricks- Oriental Trading
Balloons- Balloons Fast
Invitations (discontinued)- by Meri Meri

And, I just love this picture- the magic potion was looking pretty magical and I love his expression!


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