A New World of Working Women

Feb 10 2016

by Shayna Hobbs

nana and grandaughter
My beautiful mother Renee with my sweet daughter Lyric.

There is a movement happening in the workforce. There is change in the air. It’s really exciting to see and experience the shift that is taking place for women. Being a co-founder of our business Sons of Sawdust, I’ve got the fever, for starting a business from scratch, and it’s given me the fuel I need to pursue other dreams and passions of mine. I love what I’m seeing in the entrepreneurial world, there is a definite rise in women owned businesses, women in the workforce, and women pursuing their craft, their music, their art. Although it’s been tradition for women to focus solely on the home, and raising children, it’s been inspiring and encouraging to see a new wave of women who are not only doing that but also killing it by running a blog, a shop, a non-profit, a brand or all of the above.

In a recent Forbes article Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest and chairman of Ellevate writes: “2016 will be the year in which the forces of entrepreneurialism and feminism converge. Together, they will drive a long-wave, golden age of female entrepreneurship, which will be a positive for all of us: positive and empowering for the women who make the leap, good for the economy, good for consumers, and good for society.”

Of course it’s good for the society because, it’s bringing attention to one of the most beautiful things in all of creation: females. 😉 But not only are we beautiful on the outside in a way that is truly unique, but we are beautiful because of our spirit, our resilience, our character, and our hearts; that is what makes us the most beautiful. We are the nurturers, the ones who carry human life within us. We are the ones who love with every ounce of our being, we fully experience a wide range of emotions, and we are extremely relational. We have a steady strength that never waivers, because it’s part of our core. This makes for a powerful force when it comes to starting a business or pursuing a gift. I think the major thing that can get in the way, and may be our greatest stumbling block is our own self, and comparing ourselves to other women. But as soon as we see how glorious we really are as women, and stop making comparisons between us, we will realize that we have so much in common. Why don’t we join forces? Let’s support each other. Stand by each other. In a world that has for many centuries, been focused and dominated by men, let’s come together as women, as sisters.  I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for women, and I’m so very proud to be one.

In honor of my mother, today on her 60th birthday, I want to say thank you \ mom, for raising me well, believing in me, loving me, being my biggest fan, and always tenderly showing me that anything is possible. The seeds you have sown as a mother, are now coming into full bloom. You have taught me how to be a woman, and I’m forever grateful to you, for your love and your sacrifices over all these years. And now, I can show my daughter the way, because of you.

nana and granddaughter 2


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Shayna grew up in Nashville, Tennesssee but now calls Athens, Georgia home. She works alongside her husband Matt, running social media and marketing for their business Sons of Sawdust. She is also their creative director, photographer, and dance video creator-extraordinaire. Shayna teaches workshops on how to tell your story through social media. She's a musician, and artist who loves to be inspired by the music and art that her own two children make at home.

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