A Magical Vacation to Mustang Monument

Sep 24 2014

by Holly Phillips

I just returned from a magical vacation….

Wanderlust had set in once again. In order to cure said itch I headed on a trip of a lifetime to a ranch in Nevada, Mustang Monument. Stacy Kunstel, of Dunes and Duchess, had posted pictured about 18 months ago on Instagram and I could not stop thinking about it. We had dinner soon after and Stacy shared the story of this magical place and Madeline Pickens passion for animals. Stacy and Michael Partenio have visited twice to photograph the ranch, tipis and cottages.

I was called to go on this pilgrimage to be with these wild mustangs while glamping in the finest tipi. This dream came true last weekend for my husband and I in Nevada.

I am thrilled to share the beautiful images from Mustang Monument.




A place unlike any other, a breath of all-American wilderness and wild, Mustang Monument is a horse-centric eco-resort whose property spreads over 900 square miles in northeastern Nevada. Blending luxury with the unbridled outdoors, Mustang Monument’s accommodations are set in deluxe individual tipis, each with over 300 square feet of living space. Featuring hardwood floors, leather chairs,and custom-made beds, there is a decidedly lavish feel, and yet you are at the same time situated quite literally amidst the landscape. Creature comforts like air conditioning, 24-hour butlers, an adjacent specialized bathroom facility, and amenities for any urgent situations are provided, leaving you to relax and enjoy this unique and fantastic experience for all that it is worth. Your stay is all-inclusive, with all food and beverages as part, and you can opt for extra services like in-room spa treatments to add a bit of pampering to your trip into the American outback. At Mustang Monument, your adventure is endless, and the opportunities for lasting memories are equally infinite.

With an array of outdoor activities and recreation, the resort helps you easily take advantage of your surroundings, not to mention witnessing the wild Mustang horses that roam these beautiful lands. From guided walking tours and hikes, to bike rides and off-road adventures, you will relish the mountain views and sweeping fields across the property. Indulge in the local culture by learning about the heritage of the destination, taking a Western culinary lesson, or even participating in a Mustang training seminar. With every experience tailored to your needs, interests, and desires, you are sure to have the kind of trip that leaves you fulfilled in every way. Furthermore, your time at Mustang Monument contributes to preserving America’s Mustang populations, by supporting a certified charitable organization dedicated to protecting the remaining wild populations that roam the United States. Take a step out of the ordinary on your next vacation, and discover the beauty that lies within the great American wilderness, with an inspiring experience at Mustang Monument.























and the beautiful Madeline Pickens, with precious rescue Tommy, is the mastermind behind Saving America’s Mustangs.


Be sure to check out Mustang Monument website and follow them on Instagram, Pinterest, and more…
PLEASE consider this for your next adult adventure next summer. It is truly a piece of heaven on earth that is preserving our American heritage in addition the the lush accommodations and off the chart food. The staff was beyond amazing too.
They have only been open since June and have received terrific press from MSN, Architectural Digest, USAtoday, LA Times, Hotel Chatter, and Glamping.com.
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all images via Mustang Monument and my own.


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