8 Things to Do on a Honeymoon in Charleston

Mar 1 2016

by Kate Spears


My southern beau and I dated for eleven years before becoming husband and wife. Soon we will celebrate our first wedding anniversary, but our April 2015 wedding seems like it was just yesterday. The day was magical, as we said our I do’s surrounded by the people we love most and celebrated by dancing the night away. I was sad to see it all end. But the best part about the end of a wedding is the beginning of a honeymoon.

Choosing Charleston for our honeymoon destination was a no-brainer for me. My beau is not a fan of flying, so it was the perfect driving distance from our home in Knoxville. Plus, it’s the quintessential southern city and I’d never been there before. We arrived on a Sunday and stayed five wonderful days. I would recommend a honeymoon in Charleston to any bride & groom! And even if you aren’t newly married, it’s a great romantic getaway for any couple.

Here are 8 things you might want to do on your honeymoon to Charleston, in no particular order.


1. Stay at the Fulton Lane Inn – We stayed in a gorgeous deluxe king suite that had a beautiful canopy bed. Since this was our first trip to Charleston, we wanted to do lots of exploring. So we didn’t spend too much time in the room. But the time we did spend was quiet, peaceful and very relaxing.


2. Eat at Edmund’s Oast & Leon’s Oyster Shop – Yes, that is a bowl of ricotta cheese which I slathered on the toast and ate every bite of. It was worth every calorie and ounce of cholesterol. This meal was at Edmund’s Oast, a great local spot with a chic, rustic vibe. Go for drinks and stay for dinner.

Leon’s is equally amazing. Get the Brussels sprouts. You can thank me later.


3. Visit Middleton Place and take a selfie with a peacock. – Or a horse. There are plenty of animals to interact with. And lots of incredible history to experience.


4. Take a stroll around the battery and soak up some sunshine – Our honeymoon to Charleston was in late April. In fact, we were in town around the same time as the Southern C Summit. It rained only a little bit, but there was plenty of sunshine. We strolled around the battery and I snapped this photo of one of the lovely homes.


5. Visit the Pineapple fountain at dusk – Sure, you’ve seen it in pictures. But this is a beautiful sight (and site!) to behold. We visited right at dusk when the sun was setting over the water. The sky began to turn all sorts of lovely shades of pink and purple. So romantic!

6. Browse the treasures at the Silver Shop of Charleston – There’s nothing that gets this belle’s heart beating faster than silver. I’ve often said that I hope is heaven is just like Miss Beverly Bremer’s. But the Silver Shop of Charleston is a destination in its own right. Even if you’re just window shopping, stop by for a look.


7. Visit The Trunk Show consignment store – I wanted a souvenir from our trip that would be something I’d always keep, and maybe even pass down to my future daughter or granddaughter one day. I was hoping to find some little item that would always remind me of our first trip as husband and wife. The Trunk Show had many wonderful goodies, from clothing to vintage handbags and jewelry. I settled on a gorgeous Hermes silk scarf, which was definitely a splurge, but something that has been on my wish list for many years. Buying a gently used version of a classic piece means you get great value because it will never go out of style. 12795445_996055170481316_2929767123205402699_n8. Drive over to Mt. Pleasant and visit Henry & Eva – One of our days in Charleston was pretty rainy, so we decided to venture out and explore the neighboring areas. We ended up in Mt. Pleasant in an unassuming strip mall that is home to Henry & Eva. Most gift shops cater to men or women, not always both. Henry & Eva is an awesome local spot, owned by a husband and wife. My husband loved it because of all the guy stuff, like handcrafted knives, leather goods and more. I loved it for the jewelry and unique artisan gifts. Plus, it’s next to Bottles where you can stock up on champagne and other spirits to enjoy back at the hotel.

These are just a few of the things we did on our Charleston adventure. Every meal we ate seemed better than the last. Each quaint shop we visited held treasures to be explored. And the beautiful backdrop that this historic city provides made everything feel so special and memorable. I will always remember our amazing honeymoon to Charleston. Sometimes, when life is getting stressful, my husband will look at me and say “Just think, we could get in the car right now and be at Leon’s in time for dinner.” It’s nice to think that’s always a possibility. And hopefully one of these days we will do just that.


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Kate Spears is a self-proclaimed Southern belle who grew up in a tiny town near Nashville, but now calls Knoxville home. She graduated from the University of Tennessee (Big Orange Country!) with an undergraduate degree in art history and a master’s in public relations & advertising. In 2009, she started her blog, Southern Belle Simple, with the simple hope of giving herself a creative outlet. She continues to be amazed each time it leads to a new opportunity and cherishes the relationships that are formed along the way.

Kate is passionate about family history, time-honored traditions, and her Southern heritage. Her people hail from across the South, from the Lone Star State of Texas to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. She grew up spending summers on her great-grandparents’ Tennessee farm where she developed a deep appreciation and admiration for people who could coax beautiful and delicious things out of a mound of dirt. She comes from faithful men, devoted women, hard workers and wickedly good cooks.

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