6 Sources For Inspiration: Keeping It Fresh

Apr 10 2013

by Shani Gilchrist

One of the most popular questions asked in the interior styling class I’m taking with Justina Blakeney is “Where do you get your inspiration?” I’ve had so many changes and new activity going on with work lately that it made me stop and think about what has been keeping my brain relatively fresh for these past several weeks. I’m honestly shocked that I haven’t burned out with the pace I’ve been keeping. Here are some of the things that have been fueling my thoughts lately:​

My Google Reader had been left neglected for a long time, so when I got the news that the company would be shutting the service down I switched to feedly and took the opportunity to edit the list of blogs I follow. I came across The Style Saloniste, written by author Diane Dorrans Saeks, and have been fascinated with the sheer quantity of tasteful style and elegance.

​I love magazines. Lately I’ve been gravitating toward ELLE Decor more often as I study the photography and styling. The April issue focuses on “Country Chic” and has some very traditional vignettes that are jazzed up with a few contemporary details, like a geometric vase on a grand antique dining table. And, of course, I always flip to the articles about formal gardens, since our small gardens are a work in progress that only receive attention on a sporadic basis these days (when they double as play areas for kids and puppies, “formal” does not come easily, if at all).

I was recently let in on a little secret. There is a new site out there that takes our beloved Pinterest to a whole new level. How many times have you been scrolling through boards and wished you could just click and buy the fabulous things you see? Luvocracy does just that. The site allows members to pin their favorite things AND finds the items at the best online price and allows people to purchase the items from the online retailer. Members are presented with a catalog based on the recommended items of other members that you “trust”, which is much like a Facebook “like”. This way you get be inspired by pretty things and​ bring them home. It’s been great for searching for items for my bookshelves and dining room.

Art is always an easy way to gain inspiration. The Columbia Museum of Art has been showing Impressionism From Monet to Matisse​, which I wrote about here and will be up until Apr. 21. The colors used by the Impressionists tend to be natural and unassuming. The school’s concentration on the effects of light offers helpful views into designing or photographing a room.

Despite the fact that some very kind and overly-generous people have been adding “photographer” to the list of things I do, I don’t consider myself to be one (yet). I like to take photographs and am still learning how to do it well, thanks to the help of friends like Molly Harrell and classes or seminars that I pick up here or there. ​One of the blogs that I often visit for inspiration is that of Elizabeth Avedon, independent writer and curator. Avedon has an eye for what is real, and seeks out student and professional photographers to highlight.

I’m not just saying this because I’m trying to earn brownie points in a class where I’m behind on my assignments (ahem), but designer and blogger Justina Blakeney is so fun and inspiring. Her styling skills are incredible and her writing style puts the reader in a happy place where he or she is not afraid to try something new with their interiors. She brings chicness down to earth in a relaxed manner that makes design fun for all.

Now that I’ve gone through all of my recent sources of inspiration, it’s time for me to get back to work. Hopefully I’ll be able to poke my head out and say hi to the blogosphere again this week. Until then, leave a comment sharing something that has kept you inspired lately. Sharing drives us all forward.​

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