5 Ways to Use Photos to Effectively Market Your Brand

May 26 2016

by Alli Elmunzer

Some brands are still resisting using photos as a way to grow their businesses, but the question is why?  Photos and visuals are taking over when it comes to advertising and marketing because although the human brain is quite complex, it likes when things are made easy.  Therefore, using images makes the viewer, your potential client, happy because their brain has to do less work!  Think about it, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the most popular social media sites these days and those are completely based off of visual content!  So, here are 5 ways to use photos and visuals to more effectively market your brand, business or blog!

How to Use Photos to Market Your Business

1.  Curate beautiful photos.
You are a business…you should look like one to your target audience!  That means you should curate and use beautiful photos that represent your brand.  The good news is you don’t have to be a photographer or have a fancy camera to take great photos.  A cellphone camera, a little bit of good lighting, a photo editing app, and some practice – and you will be taking great photos in no time!
2.  Be Consistent.
Make sure you are posting photos regularly.  This means daily or at least weekly.  People want to see that you are present in your business and regular posting helps build brand recognition.  If your target audience consistently sees you posting beautiful images, they will start to like you and trust you, and we all know trust leads to purchasing!
3.  Be Cohesive.
Make sure your photos are cohesive with your brand and with each other.  Don’t post a dark and moody photo if your brand is bright and happy.  Likewise, make sure if your aesthetic is bright and happy that all your photos deliver that message by using bright lighting, bright colors, and fun items in your photos!
4.  Clear Brand Message.
Be sure your brand message is clear to your target audience- meaning what you do and sell.  Don’t confuse them by posting photos of anything and everything!  Stay on brand and always have your target audience in mind when you post a photo.  Will it resonate with them as well as further your brand?  If yes, then post away!
5.  Connect.
Don’t be afraid to post photos that you know will connect with your target audience.  If your target audience are dog lovers but you sell jewelry, you could still find a way to incorporate dogs into your photos.  Maybe take a photo and in the photo you are petting your dog wearing one of your bracelets!  This way you are furthering your brand while connecting with your potential customer.
Don’t forget to have fun with photos!  It is a great way to show what you and your business are all about!  But remember, it is better to not post a photo than to post a bad photo.  This is business and you always want to be putting your best foot forward…even if it isn’t always as beautiful as you are making it seem in your photos!


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Alli is the owner of Turquoise & Palm, a photography & styling studio for lifestyle brands and creative businesses. She is also the founder and creative director of the Turquoise & Palm Stock Gallery. A stock photography membership website for creatives, small business owners & bloggers. Learn more at www.turquoiseandpalm.com.

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