5 Ways to Tie a Scarf

Oct 22 2014

by Megan LaRussa

One of the accessorizing questions I get asked most often is “how to tie a scarf” (and not just your basic looped scarf).

Do you also wonder how to tie and wear the scarves you own?

If so, you’re in luck as this week’s Style Secrets with Megan video will show you 5 unique ways to wear the scarves you already have in your closet!

Why are scarves important? Why should you watch this video?

Answer: Scarves pull together almost any outfit with minimal effort, time and money!

Watch below to learn for yourself (I suggest favoriting this link as practice DOES make perfect. Aka you’ll probably want to watch this video again.):

I invite you to try out one of these 5 techniques this week- I promise you’ll enjoy the polished end result!

Thanks as always for watching!

Yours in Style,


Style Coach



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