5 Tips for Holiday Primping

Dec 10 2013

by Tina Adams

Tina, here.

The holidays are a fun time, but a rushed time to say the least. And this year there are 6 fewer shopping/party days between Thanksgiving and Christmas! What’s a stylish girl-on-the-go to do to stay fresh and beautiful? For how to get through the holidays with style, click here for a complete guide. And keep reading for some more tips.

Here are a few quick tips for holiday primping and dressing:
  1. No time to iron that silk blouse? A flat iron will remove wrinkles from small areas like plackets and ruffles.
  2. Lipstick always getting on your teeth? Try this: lick your finger like you would if you were cleaning out the cookie batter bowl…strange, but it works. image via zuri
  3. Want to get those laundry whites whiter? Add an aspirin (has to be an aspirin) to wash.
  4. Need to tighten a belt? Take it to a shoe repair shop and ask for another hole. image advice
  5. Want to wear skirts in winter but you have white scaly legs? Use tanning lotion and out the door you go!

What are your primping tips? Let us know and email us here. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our website.

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