5 Podcasts to Listen To Now

Jun 1 2016

by Emily Laborde Hines

I love podcasts but I have a hard time listening to them at work because I’m usually writing content for clients and my blog. I do however listen to podcasts when I’m getting ready in the morning, working out or taking a road trip.  I can’t be the only one out there that has stayed at the gym for hours unintentionally while listening to Serial right? If you need some new podcasts to add to your list, check out my five current favorites!

Deep South Details

I met Kendall and Dana this year at the Summit Welcome brunch over mimosas and shrimp and grits. I was smitten with their Southern sass and wit learning about their weekly podcast about goings on in the South. After the Summit, while was killing time in the airport awaiting my flight downloading entertainment for the long travel day ahead of me, I checked out the Deep South Details episode with Kristen Luna of Camels and Chocolate and became an instant fan. After that, I downloaded everything and got caught up on my home. As a displaced southerner in the Midwest, this podcast is the perfect for me to keep up with things going on down South. Click here for more about Deep South Details.

The Power Lunch

Since meeting Alesya Opelt at The Southern C Summit a few years ago I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and totally hooked on following the growth of her brand Alesya Bags.  In her podcast The Power Lunch she tackles issues many entrepreneurs face: product placement, searching for interns, and product updates. She really lets you behind the curtain of her business with refreshing honesty.  Her recent episode for Mother’s Day featuring a Q&A with her mother will get you hooked! Click here for The Power Lunch. 

Strong Opinions Loosely Held

I LOVE everything Refinery 29 and just discovered a new podcast that their executive producer Elisa Kreisinger has started. She talks with other culture makers about the mysteries in modern popular culture like “Instagram Insecurities” and “The Kardashian Industrial Komplex.” For creative entrepreneurs in our modern world, this podcast asks some really interesting questions that makes you think. Click for Strong Opinions Loosely Held.

Favorite takeaway from Episode 3, Instagram Insecurities: “Everyone’s life is messy no matter what it looks like.”

Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin

This is another new one for me and thank you to fellow blogger Annie Reeves for sharing this one! Actor Alec Baldwin goes behind the scenes with celebrities, performers, and politicians to dig a little deeper. I’ve listened to one episode so far but with over one hundred episodes with guests like Ira Glass, Lena Dunham, and Sarah Jessica Parker, I can’t wait to dive in to the rest. Side note: Baldwin’s voice is podcast perfection. Click for more about Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin.


I discovered this podcast via Instagram last year because of their fab coffee photos and inspiring quotes. Their podcast is like coffee talk with creatives in all industries. Their mission is to “introduce you to interesting and inspiring women who live all different versions of success, and create a community of supreme ladies.” They have an approachable and light hearted vibe that is easy to listen too. One of my favorite episodes so far is “Talking Taylor Swift: Friday Coffee Talk.” Click for more about ShePercolates.

Hope these can help make your commute or work out a little more inspiring! What are some of your favorite podcasts?




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Emily Hines is a Georgia girl now living in Bloomington, Indiana with her husband and two black labs. She is a freelance writer and digital media manager hooked on cruising back roads, craft beer, and snapping photos of old buidings. Follow along with my United States travels at Em's on the Road.

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