5 Everyday Etiquette Tips for Business

Feb 18 2015

by Emily McCarthy

Welcome to a snippet of my series called Everyday Etiquette! I love collecting and reading vintage etiquette books and have found a creative way to share those with readers and friends on social media. (#everydayetiquette) I thought I would share a few of the most recent posts that relate well to business as well as socially!

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One response on “5 Everyday Etiquette Tips for Business

  1. Fred

    Excellent advice.
    I work in Cali. as an IT spec. I have customers in the South that
    I work with on an almost daily basis. I am always amazed at the level
    of kindness and thoughtfulness of my customer(s) there (N.C). I have become so used
    to rudeness, political “correctness” yet, I have not had that displeasure
    working with Southern business owners. Maybe I’m just lucky.
    Great post. It really bolsters my perception of Southern grace.

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