4 Ways to Get Creative With Your Brand’s Social Media

Sep 8 2016

by Mandy Edwards

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Here are some social media statistics if you’ve ever doubted the power of social media for business:


However, more and more consumers are branching out and using multiple platforms – Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. – and so are other businesses. With so much of your competition now on the same platforms, and the noise level so high, you have to dig deeper and look for other unique ways to get noticed and capture your target audience’s attention.

Believe it or not, there are still opportunities to really get creative and outside the box with your social media marketing.  Here are four underused, creative ways to promote your brand on social media:

Tweet Chats


Tweet Chats are a great way to raise awareness of your brand on Twitter. If you’re not familiar with these, think of it like a group chat, except everyone follows the conversation via a hashtag. Every time I have participated in one, I’ve walked away with more followers and more people who now know about my business.

This is something you can host or you can simply just be a participant in. One of the best programs to use for this is

To read up on Tweet Chats, Buffer has a great guide to these that is a great starting point. Maybe one night someone will tackle a #southerncchat? 😉

Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live is the “hot” thing right now on the platform and there are a multitude of ways you can use this to your brand’s advantage. Here are just a few –

The key to making Facebook Live videos work for your brand is planning them and promoting them. If you did an on-the-fly Facebook Live video, you’d be at the mercy of who happened to be online at the time you went live. If you planned it out and promoted it (via organic posting or social ads), people would know to be online at that set day and time to tune-in.

Specials/Sales via Snapchat


This is something I’m seeing more of. With the limited time-ness (if that’s a word) of Snapchat, this makes the deal seem very exclusive. A lot of brands are still hesitant to join Snapchat, but for those who have made the leap, they are doing quite well with it. There is an ocean of opportunity if your target audience is one that uses this platform a lot.

Example: Promote on your brand’s social channels to follow you on Snapchat for limited time, exclusive deals. Then every couple days post a Snap that says to come in for 25% off item, if you’re a retail store, or if you’re a service-based business like myself, you could create a Snap for a free 30 minute consulting session.

Host an Open House Online

If you are a realtor, this could be one really creative way to set you apart from your competition. Hosting an open house online consists of posting a video or slideshow showcasing the best feature of each residence. You can narrate a walk-through, give decorating ideas and talk about what the seller is willing to offer with the purchase. This is a great way to weed out those who are not seriously interested and for the buyers, this may help them decide if they really want to take the time to go and look. This has a great potential to bring clients to you because of the creativity and the extra effort you go to. Plus, it’s out of the box from the realtor-norm.

This could be done on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram – and with a link to a video, the posting options are endless!


Any of these four ideas can be modified for any business-type, not just the examples I gave. Are you willing to give any of them a try?



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Midwest Transplant. Wife. Mom to 2 redheaded daughters. Owner of ME Marketing Services, a social media marketing company. Proud University of Georgia alum and Bulldog football season ticket holder. Honored as one of UGA's 40 Under 40 Alumni for 2016. British Royal History Fanatic. Love all things Southern.

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4 responses on “4 Ways to Get Creative With Your Brand’s Social Media

  1. Emily Hines

    These are great tips Mandy! I need to get back on the tweetchat train. I want to try Facebook live but still not sure what I would show here that would be different from my snapchat/instagram story content.

  2. Danielle Wecksler

    Thanks for the great ideas! Really love the part about needing to plan Facebook Live. I often feel like it is a spur of the moment thing, but you are so right that it can be so much more powerful when scheduled (like a TV show in the old days!).

  3. Gentry

    These ideas are great for a business, but what are some ways to adapt them for a blogger to promote content and drive traffic to your site? Thanks!

  4. Marisu Wehrenberg

    Great tips, Mandy. Easy to follow and seemingly fairly easy to implement. We are an Athens based (Go Dawgs!) photography studio and are in the process of inserting video regularly into our website, but the whole Facebook Live thing sounds really intriguing.

    Appreciate the help, and look forward to the summit and more great information and networking!

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