21 Social Media Facts You Should Know Right Now

May 24 2016

by Mandy Edwards

21 Social Media Facts You Should Know Right Now - southern c


Millennials are still on Facebook. Images get shared more. Digital ad spending is increasing. People will unfollow your Facebook page if you overpost.

Yes, these are things you need to know – and there’s proof to back it up.

Earlier in 2016 I wrote a post with 16 marketing and social media facts you needed to know heading into the year and now I’ve rounded up 21 facts you need to know right now. They span over a broad range of topics and yes, I already know Snapchat is no where on the list. Not that I’ve had my head in the sand, I just am not drinking the Snapchat-is-where-it’s-at-for-brand-marketing kool-aid. I have an account. I use it. I believe Snapchat still has a long way to go for it to be a viable, legit marketing option for brands, especially the ones I work with.

These stats are incorporated into my now-revived Marketing Fact Friday series that you’ll see on my social channels, so feel free to share the graphics as they post each Friday 🙂

Here are 21 marketing and social media facts you need to know right now…

Social Media Facts

Content Marketing Facts

Advertising Facts

And the most concerning stat I read…

Which of these stats surprised you the most? I could have added so many more, but these were the ones that stuck out the most to me. Have you found any interesting marketing statistics lately? Share them with me below in the comments!


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  1. Jill McKenzie

    Thank you for this and for posting your sources! Still confused by Facebook and the lack of reach/likes for business, even when a post is boosted. Guess that’s to keep us coming back? I would like to hear other’s experiences with this issue.

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