2018 Southern C Summit: Attendee Takeaways + Favorite Moments

Mar 5 2018

by Dominique Paye

Did you miss the 2018 Summit, but want to know what attendees loved most? We’ve rounded up the wrap-up posts in one spot for you!

Lou What Wear

“Five Tips from TSC Summit to Help You Make the Most of Any Conference Experience”

Danielle Davis of Lou What Wear shares 5 tips from the 2018 Southern C Summit to help you make the most of any conference (photo: Mary Margaret Curtis)
(photo: Mary Margaret Curtis of Mary Little Moments)

“This year’s conference crush was Elizabeth Mayhew, a women with a seriously bad ass career, currently the brand director from Draper James. Even better, she’s from Louisville. I had met Elizabeth in passing at a couple events but never really had the chance to talk in-depth. So a couple fellow Kentucky gals and I waited like contestants on The Bachelor to steal her from a conversation and say hi. We used our shared home state as an intro and all ended up having the best time with her. She shared more of her background, her experience and more of her personal connection to both Louisville and Kentucky. A couple of the girls even figured out they have mutual friends.

On my end, this little conversation has led to potential Derby collaborations with the brand.  But even better, it’s given me a personal connection to a woman with a truly admirable career who also happens to be friendly, funny and an incredible baker (seriously, follow her on IG).” – Danielle Davis, Lou What Wear


LCB Style
TSC Summit Recap: Day 1 + Day 2

LCB Style shares a recap of the first two days of the Southern C Summit at Sea Island
(photo: LCB Style)

“If you have been following along on Instagram this past week, you have probably picked up on the fact that this year’s Southern C Summit at Sea Island was nothing short of AMAZING. Being surrounded by so many talented, creative, passionate, driven, and successful women for three days was so inspiring and encouraging! It was really special getting to connect with women in similar creative careers all across the country and having the opportunity to learn from some incredibly successful industry leaders. The speakers, the mentors, and each of the attendees all made the conference so wonderful. What I love most about TSC is its collaborative and supportive atmosphere. Everyone is so kind, friendly, and excited to support each other and their businesses. It is very much a community of celebration and not one of competition, which I absolutely love. I left TSC Summit feeling very empowered and excited for all that is to come!” – LCB Style


Pinckney Palm

“Southern C Summit: Social Media Takeaways”

Erin Phillips of Pinckney Palm shares her social media takeaways from the 2018 Southern C Summit at Sea Island, Georgia
(photo: Pinckney Palm)

“KNOW YOUR BRAND AND USE SOCIAL MEDIA AS YOUR OWN MINI MAGAZINE. Elizabeth Mayhew from Draper James shared the bit about your own mini magazine and I LOVE it. It’s easy to carelessly post things on social media – but would you do that if you were publishing a magazine? You have these awesome platforms to share your story and life, so make it yours specifically!” – Erin Phillips, Pinckney Palm


Tiffany Olson

“Recap of TSC Summit: 6 Big Takeaways”

Tiffany Olson of Tiffany Style Blog shares 6 big takeaways from the 2018 Southern C Summit at Sea Island, Georgia
(photo: Mary Margaret Curtis of Mary Little Moments)

“Tell The Story. This was one of the things said by several people. No longer is a pretty image going to work for social media. We want to know where it was taken, who was there, why it was taken, etc. We want to know how it was woven into your day. Tell the story. People connect to the story. This is something I am going to be weaving back into my social media client work on the daily again because …… see next point. >>

Constantly repeat yourself when telling the story of your brand. I don’t remember who said this but I think its so important. If you feel like you are repeating yourself over and over, you probably are, but thats ok because thats how long it takes for customers/ followers to really “get it.” I already knew this but I think honestly just hearing it from someone else gives me permission to really enact it more.” – Tiffany Olson, Tiffany Style Blog


Southern Studio

“A Whirlwind Week at The Southern C

Julie Mayo of Southern Studio shares her experience at the 2018 Southern C Summit at Sea Island, Georgia
(photo: Southern Studio)

“It would still be an understatement to say that this conference, created to form a community of Southern creatives, left me in awe. I drove back home to North Carolina inspired and encouraged by all the makers and doers, interior designers, editors, and small business owners who all came together for a 3-day connective and collaborative experience at the Georgian coast.” – Julie Mayo, Southern Studio


Liberty County

“Ten Things We Loved About the Southern C Summit”

Leah Poole of Liberty County CVB shares the top ten things she loved about the 2018 Southern C Summit (photo: Mary Beth Creates)
(photo: Mary Beth Creates)

“Getting to hear and meet Kim Alexander, the Digital Media Director for Garden & Gun! To say this was amazing is putting it mildly! It was great to hear from a real person, at a wildly popular magazine about how we can impress them, get story ideas to them and earn a right to be featured.” – Leah Poole, Liberty County CVB

Elva Fields

“The Conference I Almost Ditched”

Emily Maynard of Elva Fields shares a recap of her experience at the 2018 Southern C Summit at Sea Island
(photo: Mary Beth Creates)

“I was barely holding on in the week or so leading up to this moment, so even the thought of showing up at a place with palm trees and sunshine for a conference, let alone networking with successful, smart, accomplished women AND THEN JUMPING INTO THE AIR was, quite honestly, ridiculous.” – Emily Maynard, Elva Fields


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