Three Podcasts to Grow Your Business (and One to Keep You Sane)

Nov 10 2017

by Katie Weinberger

The Southern Coterie blog: "Three Podcasts to Grow Your Business (and One to Keep You Sane)" by Katie Weinberger (photo: Kathryn McCrary)
Whether you are sitting in traffic or sitting pretty here, here are three great podcasts to grow your business (and one to keep you sane). photo: Kathryn McCrary

Being a mom of an elementary school-aged kid, I am in my car driving A LOT. So to get the most out of my time in the driver’s seat, I regularly listen to business-driven podcasts that help me learn, be more productive, and grow as a leader. Below are my favorite three podcasts, all available free to download on iTunes:

Building a StoryBrand Postcast / Donald Miller

Building a StoryBrand” is my hands down, go-to, absolute favorite podcast. And luckily, they release a new one each Monday morning, so I have a fresh perspective to start my week. Miller interviews the very best in marketing, leadership, business and personal development and covers a variety of business-related topics. Some of my favorite episodes include: #55 with Seth Godin, #40 with Juliet Funt and #3 with Dave Ramsey. But take a listen to them all – they are that good!

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast / Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is one to admire. She is a go-getter—I download her “Online Marketing Made Easy” episodes each week for tips on using Facebook Live, growing our email list and scheduling online marketing. Sometimes, I listen to her podcast just to study how’s she’s doing it! She is a natural to learn from: creative, driven and innovative.

The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast / Rick Mulready

I found “The Art of Paid Traffic” podcast through Amy Porterfield. We recently implemented a Facebook Ads strategy at King Bean Coffee and this podcast is super helpful. Facebook is constantly evolving as an advertising platform and I turn to this podcast for help getting started. I’ll keep listening as Mulready is doing the work for me of staying up-to-date on the constant changes of Facebook.

Bonus: Meditation Minis Podcast / Chel Hamilton

Ok, I obviously don’t listen to this one in the car, but with the input of information I absorb daily, I do need to create a little whitespace in my brain. “Meditation Minis” gives me the break I need. The best part is that they are simple and quick, and Chel Hamilton’s voice is soothingly hypnotic. So refreshing… I think I’ll go listen to one now…

In the meantime, I’d love to hear if there are regular podcasts that you listen to or recommend!


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