Six Tips for Successfully Working from Home

Dec 15 2016

by Erin Phillips

The Southern Coterie blog: "Tips for Working from Home" by Erin Phillips (photo Anthony-Masterson fro Steve McKenzie)
photo: Anthony-Masterson for Steve McKenzie and Atlanta magazine’s HOME

I’ve called our guest room my office and our two pups my fuzzy co-workers for the past five months since we moved from DC to Charleston. I feel very fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to continue my Social Media Strategy job with my Fortune 200 company remotely. But oh my goodness you guys, things sure can get lonely (and distracting) being an office of one!

The grass isn’t always greener my friends and yes there are many perks working from home, I can completely vouch for that. And just like all of us work from home, entrepreneur, #bossbabes and side hustlers do, I have found ways to make it work. Actually, not just work, but ensure my productivity flourishes!

1. Have a dedicated work space

Working on the couch or from bed just doesn’t make the cut for a productive day. Designate a desk or work space, even if it is just one particular end of the dining room table.

2. Get dressed in work clothes each day

Having the opportunity to wear yoga pants to work each day is pretty great, but I found that I’m in a true go-getter mindset when I have on clothing I would have worn to work.

3. Ensure you have the right tools and leave time for troubleshooting

Here’s what helps me have a strong day, fully connected to those I’m working with all over the country:

4. Keep your work and personal to-dos separate

I keep a running work and personal to-do list, but I have them in separate places so that they don’t blend each day. I’m also a fan of highlighting daily tasks that absolutely have to get done so they don’t get lost in the sea of bullets.

5. Clean a little each night so you aren’t tempted during the day

I noticed a big change in my focus when I started ensuring that every night I cleaned up the house (at least the parts I see while working) a little more than normal so I wouldn’t get distracted during the day

6. Get up and move, change of scenery is good

It was pretty depressing looking at how much my steps went down not being in an office. So remember to get up and move! I also love trying a new coffee shop once a week for a change of scenery. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut at home.

Who else out there works from home? What do you guys find helpful?




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