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Sessions start on Wednesday, February 7th at noon (note that add-on workshop sessions begin at 8:30 am). The last networking event ends on Friday, February 9th at noon.

Minds Behind The Mine: Reinventing an Elevated Brand

The visionaries behind The Mine, a leading home furnishings and décor resource, discuss their brand relaunch in April 2017. This creative leadership team will present their processes in creating & refining a focused brand mission. Be entertained, as The Mine execs share their experiences in capturing new consumer audiences, forging exciting new relationships within the design community, and their evolving vision for the future … all while soaring as an online luxury destination, in this highly competitive space.

•Michelle Newbery, President of The Mine
•Alexa Hampton, Creative Director of The Mine
•Eddie Ross, Style Director of The Mine

It Takes a Village (of Tech, Tools and Processes)

Just like any job, if you have the right tech, tools and processes in your business, things become more efficient. And with every employee and business facet you add, it becomes even more mission-critical.

Digital influencer and multi-business owner Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Martha, Inc. will give us a peek behind the curtain as she shares the tech, tools and processes used on a daily basis to run a cohesive team across four business lines – e-commerce, retail storefront, fulfillment center, and lifestyle blog. She will also share the lessons learned while growing her business from a one-woman show to a team of 15, plus tips for managing (more like surviving) the growing pains.

A Case Study: Your Business’ Website is More Than Just a Calling Card

Your website is the digital arm of your brand, and to be successful it needs to capture your brand’s essence, functionally support your brand’s mission, and convert visitors to customers. Using the recent redesign and development of The Southern C website as a case study, the website professionals at Nicely Built will discuss the process of complete site transformation, current best practices for website design and development, including: considerations when choosing a platform; the importance of information flow; copyrighting, photography and visual balance, including suggestions for photo sizes, word count, key word usage, etc.; considerations when setting up/running online retail storefronts; engaging your audience; SEO tools; and retaining visitors through faster load times and information flow.

Media Panel moderated by Leapfrog PR Co


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